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‘How to become a supper club host.’ with Tabl.


Wild Africa Supper Club in Brighton


I am on a mission to feed Britain wonderful African food. No! I am not force feeding you plantains, jollof rice, and peanut stew, but I am slowly but surely sharing my approach to African cooking by sharing all that I have grown up with and what I continue to learn. African food remains such a mystery amongst many despite the large Afro-Caribbean and African population in the United Kingdom. I have been hosting supper clubs from Sussex to London, teaching cookery classes and hosting private events for individuals and organizations that want to experience African spice and culture. It is the most fulfilling thing to me and I cannot imagine a different life. I meet lots of different people who inspire me through their own stories and experiences. By eating and understanding African culinary history, traditions, and flavours, we can easily include and adapt them to all other recipes and diets. If you love chocolate, you already love African food, as a large amount of the world’s cocoa is grown in Ivory Coast.



A night at my seafront supper club

The lovely people at Tabl, a community of food lovers, spoke with me about my food journey and especially how to become a supper club host. I shared tips I picked up after a few pitfalls and my approach to hosting which ensures I and my guests have a wonderful time together. Every day is more successful than the last because I get to share food with more people and after every event, I learn more about becoming a successful cook, and supper club host.

I hope my little chat sheds more light into our extraordinary supper club world that is sweeping across Britain and the world, and I hope it inspires you as a cook, chef or as a food lover who just wants to dig in and eat!


READ HERE for more on my supper clubs, cookery classes, and events.

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