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Lerato’s recipe for sharing this Festive Season — Features — The Guardian

Some have food but cannot eat
Some can eat but have no food
We have food and we can eat
Glory be to thee oh Lord

I remember this poem from my childhood. We were taught it by nuns in Nursery and recited it every day before school lunch. This was quite a strong reminder that we were blessed to have food to eat, a solemn poem to teach us children of how blessed we are, and never to take the simplest things for granted.

To this day, I recite this song and hope to do the same with my own children. The excitement of Christmas sometimes turns some of into excessive shoppers, eaters and drinkers, but why is this the case?

Christmas is, after all, a celebration of the birth of Christ, during which Mary and Joseph certainly did not throw champagne breakfasts and marvellous feasts with jollof rice and salmon to celebrate the occasion. It is right for us to celebrate this joyous feast with family and friends, but remember, “some can eat but have no food…”

Now more than ever, we should think of those who have no food. They are all around us, our neighbours and some of our own friends. Food here means kindness. Be kind, be considerate, be thoughtful and be giving.

One easy way I can think of is shopping for food in large quantities and sharing with neighbours, a food bank, our local churches and mosques etc. This is also a great way to curb food waste. Some of us love to shop in large quantities because it is cheaper, but we often end up with half a bag of rotten potatoes, pest infested beans and so on.

The important thing is to want to give. Once we want to, we will always find those who are willing and happy to share with us. Just remember my little poem and it will always keep you inspired.

Here are some recipes that will be lovey additions to your Christmas spread. No turkey in sight!

Plantains Pie with grains of paradise for a heartwarming treat

Green Fried Rice symbolizing abaundance like in our tradition of Christmas trees and wreaths of greenery.

Jollof Rice in Stuffed Peppers for an elegant dinner

Honey Tangerines with Hibiscus Flower Syrup, a refreshing palate cleanser to end the feast of all feasts!

Pork Fillet with Apples & Cannelini Beans for a sumptuous roast dinner

Coming soon

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