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WILD AFRICA Supperclub + Action Against Hunger 

Spicy Mango Chicken I cooked after my visit to Northern Nigeria.

Finding one’s purpose can be quite fulfilling. My purpose is cooking, sharing and writing about the wonders of food. How glorious, enriching, how exciting, new and wonderful food is. I am happy in my enchanted world of food. One where there is more to discover each day. 
My current challenge is taking the leap as a food writer and food ‘show woman’ to making a success of my events which bring people’s tongues to the very tip of my food. 

While I strive for perfection, some starve. Starve from the basics which I take for granted each day. I want to be lost in the enchantment of food, but I don’t want to lose sight of what is of utmost importance. The importance of sharing.

As a child I remember being taught this song;

“Some have food but cannot eat,

Some can eat but have no food,

We have food and we can eat,

Glory be to thee oh Lord. 


I am happy to share that I am working to raise funds for Action Against Hunger. This organization is incredibly effective with able hands on the ground in regions they work in to stamped out hunger and malnutrition. 

They have just announced an Emergency Appeal for those in previously innaccessible areas of Northern Nigeria. 
Many have suffered as a result of insurgency, many have been displaced, many go hungry day after day. We can feed them all one at a time!

At my events I will raise funds especifically for current Nigeria Emergency Appeal and for all the other regions of the world covered by the work of the organization. A percentage of the profits from my supperclub will go to the organization as well as additional donations made by you.

Please join me and Action Against Hunger to alleviate the pain and suffering of those who are no different from us, but temporaily in different and unfair circumstances. Lets change that song, and still give glory to God! 

Please follow and support the work of this organisation on social media and online; @actionagainsthunger @ACF_UK

Click here for more about WILD AFRICA and other events.

Tickets available soon.

Corn & green bean salad with African basil

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