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African Afternoon Tea at LERATO LONDON.

The first of its kind, a marriage of the vibrancy of Africa with traditional English decorum.

    As seen in the London Evening Standard. 


Roasted plantain with peanuts inspired by my mother’s love for the popular West African street food of roasted plantains eaten with peanuts.

 LERATO LONDON launches with African Afternoon Tea on 11th September 2016

For private events & celebrations around East Sussex & London click here.   

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Homemade Honey Butter Rolls with Strawberry & Tomato Jam

My answer to the great British scone. Reminiscent of my childhood in Lagos, savouring soft sweet bread with tomato sauce for light lunch. Vegan rolls with almond butter.

Lagos Angus Pie / Lagos Portobello Pie

Organic Aberdeen Angus, heritage potatoes, Jos pepper. An ode to the moreish Nigerian meat pies. A staple in every home and at every occasion. Vegan portobello pie with leeks, portobello mushrooms, lovage. 

Akara Tarts

Steam baked honey beans, roasted peppers. Traditional west African bean fritters known as ‘Akara’.

Prawn Suya Rolls

African summer rolls of prawns grilled with aromatic ‘suya’ spices (a popular west African spice mix) crisp vegetables, coriander, mint, lovage, African Blue basil, lettuce & edible flowers.

Vegetable Suya Rolls

Suya, carrot, cucumber, pepper, lettuce, coriander, mint, lovage, African blue basil & edible flowers.


Madagascan Gold

Decadent chocolate cake with Madagascan cacao, ganache, & gold.

Chin Chin Mango Mousse

‘Chin chin’, a popular West African sweet cookie dough and mangoes inspired by my ‘mango & moringa fool’ recipe from a wonderful experience I had with women selling mangoes under a bush of mango trees in Kodo Village, in Northern Nigeria.

Roasted Plantain & Nuts

My special recipe of the much loved ‘Boli’, a street food of roasted plantains eaten with peanuts. My mother’s insatiable appetite for these, and leaving a trail of peanuts everywhere inspired me to create one bite of decadence with plantain and nuts.

Plantain & Raspberry Chocolate Bark

Sweet plantains, Ghanaian cacao, West African nuts & butters.


Single estate highland Kenyan black tea

For a classic English style tea. Perfect for pairing with the savoury selection.

Malawi Antlers

Premium white tea from East Africa named after its distinctive features. Unlike most teas, the brew is derived from the dried shoots and not the tea leaves. A wonderful crisp, sweet, fruity yet floral tea served by the likes of Claridges.

Zobo Lemonade

My special blend of hibiscus flowers, lemon peel, lemon grass and organic English roses. This reminds me of rose champagne with a citrus zing, light enough to drink all day.

*menu is vegan friendly*


At my African Afternoon Tea, you will be treated to champagne on arrival and a selection of luxuriously exotic African single estate teas paired with a changing selection of contemporary African savouries and sweets. My teas and chocolates have been sourced from fair trade producers like Satenwa Tea Estate in Malawi, and the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa-growing co-operative in Ghana, who secure premium market prices and the best welfare for its owner farmers.

I am desperately in love with food and as seen in my recipes and articles for The Guardian in Nigeria, my cooking is heavily influenced by my experiences, family, environment and the wonderful seasons which I want to offer on an plate. I hope to do so at LERATO LONDON.


Mangoes with no air miles. These hardworking women sell the fruits of their labour right underneath a bush of mango trees.

After my recent journey foraging across Nigeria I enjoyed learning and sharing with local communities across the country. The women selling mangoes under a bush of mango trees, the village women preserving food using wonderful techniques I hadn’t known, street food hawkers cooking and selling corn, the vibrant tomatoes and peppers from Jos in the Northern region, well known for its exceptionally arable land and fine weather, and last but not least my mother’s love of Boli or Bole (a popular street food of roasted plantain) eaten with open fire roasted peanuts and the goodness of the moringa leaves from the trees shading our house; all these inspire my cooking.

The menu is full of indulgence and a celebration of African and British provenance, using Madagascan and Ghanaian cacao, British grown berries, Ugandan organic vanilla beans, West African nut butters, mangoes, with exquisite teas from Malawi, Kenya and South Africa. A medley of fresh vegetables such as British grown lovage, organic tomatoes, cucumbers and beautiful radishes and more will be used to create this special afternoon tea.

Vegetarians and vegans have a wide selection to enjoy as many of my recipes are fruit and vegetable based, with substitutions used where necessary. I love afternoon tea so much that I have created my special tribute, a new take on tradition. A sumptuous spread of bold African flavours; delicious, decadent and only tamed in size for the tradition of high tea.

I look forward to this adventure and creating new traditions through our love for food.

See you at the table. x

If you will like more information about my pop-ups or recipes send me a quick message and I will respond as quickly as I eat plantains.

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