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Lerato for The Guardian

I am excited to announce the launch of my new food column in The Guardian Newspaper in Nigeria. I have always admired this publication up to the point of maintaining a monopoly on reviewing it when I hosted Good morning Nigeria with my fellow ladies at Cool Tv.

Reviewing the papers on national television

The weekly column is published online and in print version available in Nigeria, or anywhere else in the world if the paper takes a flight.

I share my wholesome, healthy, often indulgent and African inspired recipes which I hope will transport you into my colourful world of food.

My mission is to inspire us all to be the best cooks we can be, with easy tips, creative ideas and wonderful recipes to impress friends, family and your tummies.

I am inspired by all that is around me; from the farmer’s markets and street food in Lagos to gourmet restaurant offerings in London. My life and experiences are reflected in my food.

Plantain Shakshuka: my special twist on the popular levantine & North African dish

Join me on this incredible journey as we enjoy together, the wonderful pleasures of cooking and eating.

The Guardian


  1. sucreninma says

    Congratulations. I hope someday scientist would devise a means to print out real foods from pictures,, till then i’ll just enjoy your column.


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