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Let’s get cooking!

Food is a very simple path to happiness and ever since I chose this path I have not looked back. Food is crucial to our nourishment; the nourishment of body and also mind, but is also a source of joy for many of us. 

How exciting is the sight of water bubbling over, beckoning for the pasta to be thrown in; butter, sugar and cream, transforming into this strange, exciting, decadent caramel. And how wonderfully inviting is a home with the whiff of a delicious apple pie in the oven?    
You are guaranteed to stay until you get a piece of that pie. Food is a sure source of pure happiness.

Greek and Christian philosophers argued that happiness associated with food is just ‘happiness’ as a ‘thing’,  and therefore ephemeral and short-lived. Yes, I do admit that the fish pie with a generous melange of potatoes, white fish and creamy yet savoury fish velouté topped with clouds of potato mash, a duo of breadcrumbs and parmesan baked to perfection does fill me up with such joy, but by following day I need another shot to fill up that space in my heart and tummy. The question is, “Why is that a bad thing?”

This is a journey, from an idea, to penning a recipe, a shopping list, shopping for groceries – the beauty of fresh, ripe and plump tomatoes, fresh herbs and fragrant spices to finally cooking and devouring the fruits of this labour of love. Now that we have evoked the passion for a full plate; in plain English, now that we are hungry, LET’S GET COOKING!


  1. Demola says

    I love your food, and will forever be grateful for the tips and lessons learnt. The steaks, the quick knockouts like the egg and plantain oven meal 🙂 and more. The force is strong with this one


  2. Ingrid Shaylor says

    I love your site and the way you write. It inspires me to drop everything and head to the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal. BEST OF LUCK with this website. I am looking forward to receiving more info…………


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