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This is not a lesson in history and food, but a culinary journey, one I embarked on as I wrote this piece for Naijanomads, a community of wanderlust sufferers who not only pine for wonderful experiences in the most amazing locations across the world, but explore and absorb these varying cultures, and what better way to absorb culture than to devour all the interesting and often delicious food we come across. The great thing about food is that you can always recreate ideas, recipes from your travels and even if you have never been to the origin of that which you are salivating over, with a little inspiration and creativity, using the produce available,  you can almost entirely relive a moment in India, China, Morocco, Nigeria…in one plate!

*Naijanomads Note: Hi guys! We are introducing a new segment to the blog and our readers who take foodcations will be really excited about this. On Nomad EATS, we will be getting a bit of a history lesson from our resident foodie/chef as well as how to prepare simple variations of dishes from across the globe. Great way to experience cultures without leaving the confines of your home!


Lerato Umah –   AKA Tomato Lagos is a television broadcaster, TV chef and food writer ( Our foodcentric nomad eats her way around the world and recreates her foodie experiences using easy and quick recipes.You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – @lerato_tomato

It is often perplexing to people to hear that I hadn’t eaten my first ‘authentic’ curry until my late teens, even after being born and part bred in the United Kingdom. I had Indian neighbors and…

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